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LINUX - CentOS-6.9 Xen-4.2.1
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20170730 bind-9.11.2にupdateしました

Release Notes for BIND Version 9.11.2

Security Fixes

* An error in TSIG handling could permit unauthorized zone transfers
  or zone updates. These flaws are disclosed in CVE-2017-3142 and
  CVE-2017-3143. [RT #45383]
* The BIND installer on Windows used an unquoted service path, which
  can enable privilege escalation. This flaw is disclosed in
  CVE-2017-3141. [RT #45229]
* With certain RPZ configurations, a response with TTL 0 could cause
  named to go into an infinite query loop. This flaw is disclosed in
  CVE-2017-3140. [RT #45181]

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug that was introduced in an earlier development release
  which caused multi-packet AXFR and IXFR messages to fail validation
  if not all packets contained TSIG records; this caused
  interoperability problems with some other DNS implementations. [RT
* Reloading or reconfiguring named could fail on some platforms when
  LMDB was in use. [RT #45203]
* Due to some incorrectly deleted code, when BIND was built with
  LMDB, zones that were deleted via rndc delzone were removed from
  the running server but were not removed from the new zone database,
  so that deletion did not persist after a server restart. This has
  been corrected. [RT #45185]
* Semicolons are no longer escaped when printing CAA and URI records.
  This may break applications that depend on the presence of the
  backslash before the semicolon. [RT #45216]
* AD could be set on truncated answer with no records present in the
  answer and authority sections. [RT #45140]

・RELEASE-NOTES-bind-9.11.2.txt を参照してください