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20090818 glibc-2.5-34.el5_3.1にupdateしました



* Mon Jul 27 2009 Andreas Schwab <schwab at redhat.com> - 2.5-34.el5_3.1
- force malloc hook pointers into register to avoid rereading them
from memory non-atomically (#507530, BZ#9957)

20090818 dovecot-1.2.4にupdateしました


v1.2.4 2009-08-17 Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>

* acl: When looking up ACL defaults, use global/local default files
if they exist. So it's now possible to set default ACLs by creating
dovecot-acl file to the mail root directory.

+ imap/pop3 proxy: If proxy destination is known to be down,
fail connections to it immediately.
+ imap/pop3 proxy: Added proxy_timeout passdb extra field to specify
proxy's connect timeout.
- Fixed a crash in index file handling.
- Fixed a crash in saving messages where message contained a CR
character that wasn't followed by LF (and the CR happened to be the
last character in an internal buffer).
- v1.2.3 crashed when listing shared namespace prefix.
- listescape plugin: Several fixes.
- autocreate plugin: Fixed autosubscribing to mailboxes in
subscriptions=no namespaces.

20090818 vsftpd-2.2.0にupdateしました


vsftpd-2.2.0 is released - with compile fixes,
and minor fixes in the area of IPv6, PAM, and client QUIT.
More process isolation was added for Linux (network isolation)
and configuration options may now be passed on the command line.
Please refer to the v2.2.0


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