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200910-01 modsecurity-2.5.10にupdateしました

Core Rulesの変更

・Core Rules 2.0.2が同梱されています


18 Sep 2009 - 2.5.10
* Cleanup mlogc so that it builds on Windows.
* Added more detailed messages to replace "Unknown error" in filters.
* Added SecAuditLogDirMode and SecAuditLogFileMode to allow fine tuning
auditlog permissions (especially with mpm-itk).
* Cleanup SecUploadFileMode implementation.
* Cleanup build scripts.
* Fixed crash on configuration if SecMarker is used before any rules.
* Fixed SecRuleUpdateActionById so that it will work on chain starters.
* Cleanup build system for mlogc.
* Allow mlogc to periodically flush memory pools.
* Using nolog,auditlog will now log the "Message:" line to the auditlog, but
nothing to the error log. Prior versions dropped the "Message:" line from
both logs. To do this now, just use "nolog" or "nolog,noauditlog".
* Forced mlogc to use SSLv3 to avoid some potential auto negotiation
issues with some libcurl versions.
* Fixed mlogc issue seen on big endian machines where content type
could be listed as zero.
* Removed extra newline from audit log message line when logging XML errors.
This was causing problems parsing audit logs.
* Fixed @pm/@pmFromFile case insensitivity.
* Truncate long parameters in log message for "Match of ... against ...
required" messages.
* Correctly resolve chained rule actions in logs.
* Cleanup some code for portability.
* AIX does not support hidden visibility with xlc compiler.
* Allow specifying EXTRA_CFLAGS during configure to override gcc specific
values for non-gcc compilers.
* Populate GEO:COUNTRY_NAME and GEO:COUNTRY_CONTINENT as documented.
* Handle a newer geo database more gracefully, avoiding a potential crash for
new countries that ModSecurity is not yet aware.
* Allow checking &GEO "@eq 0" for a failed @geoLookup.
* Fixed mlogc global mutex locking issue and added more debugging output.
* Cleaned up build dependencies and configure options.

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