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20100415 phpmyadmin-3.3.2にupgradeしました

ChangeLog (2010-04-13)
- patch #2969449 [core] Name for MERGE engine varies depending on the
MySQL version, thanks to Dieter Adriaenssens - ruleant
- bug #2966078 [browse] Incorrect LIMIT is saved and sticks while browsing
- bug #2967366 [Structure] Some results of Propose table structure are
shown in hex
- bug #2967565 [insert] UNHEX not selected by default when inserting BINARY
- [navi] Changed link to git repository on main page
- bug #2972232 [menu] Import menu tab not present on main page
- patch #2976790 [menu] Go to the upper level after table DROP,
thanks to Kaarel Nummert - kaarelnu
- patch #2978815 [pdf] Fix generating PDF with table dimensions, thanks to BlinK_
- patch #2977725 [export] XML wrongly encoded, thanks to Victor Volkov - hanut
- patch #2979234 [import] Create tables with current charset and collation.
- patch #2979234, bug #2960105 [import] Properly import unicode text from ODS.
- bug #2973280 [export] Proper handling of temporary directory in XLS export.
- bug #2980582 [interface] Properly format server status parameter.
- bug #2973949 [session] SQL History broken (revert patch #2899969),
thanks to Dieter Adriaenssens - ruleant
- [doc] Be more specific about problems with Suhosin.

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