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20081014 iptables-1.4.2にupdateしました

  iptablesのインストール 4 Router
  iptablesのインストール 4 Xen


Jan Engelhard (1):
build: fix iptables-static build

Jan Engelhardt (26):
build: do not install ip{,6}tables.h
Merge branch 'master' of vishnu.netfilter.org:/data/git/iptables
manpages: name and markup fixes
src: remove dependency on libiptc headers
src: drop libiptc from installation
iptables-restore: fix segmentation fault with -tanything
libxt_recent: do not allow both --set and --rttl
Put xtables.c into its own library, libxtables.so
manpages: correct erroneous markup
physdev: remove extra space in output
Warn about use of DROP in nat table
Synchronize invert flag order with manpages
build: fix dependency tracking for xtables.h.in
build: fix initext.c dependency
manpages: add missing --rsource,--rdest options to libxt_recent.man
manpages: add missing rateest documentation
manpages: add missing rateest match documentation
libxt_mac: flatten casts in libxt_mac
libxt_iprange: fix option names
src: use regular includes
src: Update comments
build: prepare make tarball for git 1.6.0
libxt_recent: do allow --rttl for --update
src: update comments part II
build: run ldconfig on `make install`
doc: remove mentions of NAT in ip6tables manpage

Jesper Dangaard Brouer (1):
libiptc: remove old fixme

Pablo Sebastian Greco (1):
mark: fix invalid iptables-save output

Patrick McHardy (2):
manpages: fix another typo in tcp manpage

Phil Oester (3):
iptables-save: fix hashlimit output
libxt_dscp: fix save of negated dscp match rules
src: Missing limits.h includes

WANG Cong (1):
manpages: Fix a typo in tcp man page

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