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20100909 dovecot-2.0.2にupdateしました

v2.0.2 released

* vpopmail support is disabled for now, since it's broken. You can use
  it via checkpassword support or its sql/ldap database directly.

- maildir: Fixed "duplicate uidlist entry" errors that happened at
  least with LMTP when mail was delivered to multiple recipients
- Deleting ACLs didn't cause entries to be removed from acl_shared_dict
- mail_max_lock_timeout setting wasn't working with all locks
- auth_cache_size setting's old-style value wasn't autoconverted
  and it usually also caused a crash

20100909 phpmyadmin-3.3.7にupdateしました

Released Tue, 07 Sep 2010 16:41:21 GMT

Welcome to phpMyAdmin 3.3.7, a bugfix release. (2010-09-07)
- patch #3050492 [PDF scratchboard] Cannot drag table box to the edge after
  a page size increase, thanks to Martin Schテカnberger - mad05
- bug #3054458 [core] Fixed displaying number of rows.
- bug #3035300 [parser] Fixed wrong definition of keywords.
- [setup] Fixed escaping of server name.
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2010-09-02 kernel,ImageMagickのupdate
2010-09-11 proftpdのupdate