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20101003 dovecot-2.0.5にupdateしました


diff -urp dovecot204/conf.d/20-pop3.conf dovecot205/conf.d/20-pop3.conf
--- dovecot204/conf.d/20-pop3.conf	2010-09-28 03:43:14.000000000 +0900
+++ dovecot205/conf.d/20-pop3.conf	2010-10-03 01:57:57.000000000 +0900
@@ -19,6 +19,13 @@ protocol pop3 {
   # Keep the mailbox locked for the entire POP3 session.
   #pop3_lock_session = no
+  # POP3 requires message sizes to be listed as if they had CR+LF linefeeds.
+  # Many POP3 servers violate this by returning the sizes with LF linefeeds,
+  # because it's faster to get. When this setting is enabled, Dovecot still
+  # tries to do the right thing first, but if that requires opening the
+  # message, it fallbacks to the easier (but incorrect) size.
+  #pop3_fast_size_lookups = no
   # POP3 UIDL (unique mail identifier) format to use. You can use following
   # variables, along with the variable modifiers described in
   # doc/wiki/Variables.txt (e.g. %Uf for the filename in uppercase)

v2.0.5 released

See the "ACL handling bugs" message for more details about the ACL
merging bug.

* acl: Fixed the logic of merging multiple ACL entries. Now it works as
  documented, while previously it could have done slightly different
  things depending on the order of the entries.
* virtual: Allow opening virtual mailboxes that refer to non-existing
  mailboxes. It seems that the benefits of this outweigh the lack of
  error message when typoing a mailbox name.

+ Added some disk I/O optimizations to Maildir and index code. They're
  especially helpful with short-lived connections like POP3.
+ pop3: Added pop3_fast_size_lookups setting.
- doveconf sometimes failed with complaining about missing ssl_key
  setting, causing e.g. dovecot-lda to fail.
- lda: If there's an error in configuration, doveconf didn't exit with
  EX_TEMPFAIL as it should have.
- sdbox: Fixed memory leak when copying messages with hard links. 
- zlib + sdbox combination didn't work
- zlib: Fixed several crashes, which mainly showed up with mbox.
- quota: Don't crash if user has quota disabled, but plugin loaded.
- doveadm fetch uid was actually returning sequence, not uid.
- v2.0.4's subscription listing ignored (and logged a warning about)
  subscriptions=no namespaces' entries in some configurations.
  (So listing shared mailboxes' subscriptions could have been broken.)
- acl: Fixed crashing when sometimes listing shared mailboxes via
  dict proxy.
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