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20101109 dovecot-2.0.7にupdateしました

v2.0.7 released

* master: default_process_limit wasn't actually used anywhere,
  rather the default was unlimited. Now that it is enforced, you might
  notice that the default limit is too low and you need to increase it.
  Dovecot logs a warning when this happens.
* mail-log plugin: Log mailbox name as virtual name rather than
  physical name (e.g. namespace prefix is included in the name)

+ doveadm dump: Added imapzlib type to uncompress IMAP's
  COMPRESS DEFLATE I/O traffic (e.g. from rawlog).
- IMAP: Fixed LIST-STATUS when listing subscriptions with
  subscriptions=no namespaces. 
- IMAP: Fixed SELECT QRESYNC not to crash on mailbox close
  if a lot of changes were being sent. 
- quota: Don't count virtual mailboxes in quota
- doveadm expunge didn't always actually do the physical expunging
- Fixed some index reading optimizations introduced by v2.0.5.
- LMTP proxying fixes
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