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20081125 dovecot-1.1.7にupdateしました



# give it when starting dovecot with -p parameter. Since this file is often
# world-readable, you may want to place this setting instead to a different
# root owned 0600 file by using !include_try <path>.

# referenced using URIs in format "proxy::<name>".

Release Note

I should have released this earlier since v1.1.6 had that annoying
startup problem, but surprisingly few people complained about it so I
kind of forgot about it then.

BTW. v1.2 progresses nicely. Now that shared mailboxes are finally fully
supported, there aren't any widely used IMAP features missing from
Dovecot. v1.2.beta1 shouldn't be in too distant future anymore.

* IMAP QUOTA extension now returns "MESSAGE" quota, not "MESSAGES".
This makes Dovecot now RFC 2087 compliant. Hopefully this change
doesn't break anyone's Dovecot-specific quota checking code..

+ Added !include and !include_try directives to config file reader.
Note that !include doesn't currently work with deliver. The main
point here is that ssl_key_password can be placed to a different
file with !include_try that deliver can just ignore.
+ More error/debug message logging improvements.
- v1.1.6 gave "userdb didn't return a home directory" error at startup
- Some config file parsers (deliver, passwd-file, acl, trash) ignored
the file's last line if it didn't end with LF.
- fts: SEARCH SUBJECT didn't search messages that weren't already
in fts index.
- fts-solr: Don't assert-crash if we couldn't connect to Solr.
- IMAP: Mailbox deletion gave an error, but still worked, if mails'
control directory wasn't the same as index directory.
- Several fixes to rarely used mailbox list layout configurations.

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