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20110227 dropbear-0.53にupdateしました

Changelog 0.53 - Thurs 24 February 2011

- Various performance/memory use improvements
- Client agent forwarding now works, using OpenSSH's ssh-agent
- Improve robustness of client multihop mode
- Fix a prime generation bug in bundled libtommath. This is unlikely to have
  generated any bad keys in the wild.
- Attempt to build against system libtomcrypt/libtommath if available. This
  can be disabled with ./configure --enable-bundled-libtom
- Make -K (keepalive) and -I (idle timeout) work together sensibly in the client.
  The idle timeout is no longer reset by SSH_MSG_IGNORE packets.
- Compile fix if ENABLE_CLI_PROXYCMD is disabled
- /usr/bin/X11/xauth is now the default path
- Client remote forward (-L/-R) arguments now accept a listen address
- In uClinux avoid trashing the parent process when a session exits
- Blowfish is now disabled by default since it has large memory usage
- Add option to change zlib windowbits/memlevel. Use less memory by default
- DROPBEAR_SMALL_CODE is now disabled by default
- SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND environment variable is set by the server when an
  authorized_keys command is specified.
- Set SSH_TTY and SSH_CONNECTION environment variables in the server
- Client banner is now printed to standard error rather than standard output
- Capitalisation in many log messages has been made consistent. This may affect

20110227 vsftpd-2.3.4にupdateしました

ChangeLog 2.3.2 - 2.3.4

- Avoid consuming excessive CPU when matching filenames to patterns.
  Thanks to Maksymilian Arciemowicz <cxib at securityreason.com>.
- Some bugfixes from Raphaël Rigo <raphael.rigo at syscall.eu> -- 
  good bugs but no apparent security impact.
- Fix compile. Extreme suckage.
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