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20120818 rp-pppoe-3.11にupdateしました


Changes from Version 3.10 to 3.11:

- Make the rp-pppoe.so plugin avoid calling exit() if the "persist" 
  pppd option was given.

- Permit both PPPoE server and client to specify an MTU/MRU of 1500 
  assuming the underlying Ethernet interface has an MTU of at least
  1508.  The larger MTU is negotiated per RFC 4638.  NOTE: Only 
  available with kernel-mode plugin, not user-mode pty redirector.

- Get rid of hard-coded nobsdcomp, nodeflate, novj and novjccomp 
  options in pppoe-server.

- Apply patch from Philip Prindeville to allow cross-compiling.

- Handle UNIT=xxx directive in pppoe-connect. (Keith Waters)

- Add "-i" flag to pppoe-server to ignore PADIs if there are no free 
  sessions.  Change suggested by Miroslav Lednicky.

- Ignore PADTs not destined for our ethernet address.

- Add "-X <pidfile>" option to pppoe-server.

- Cleanup Makefile.in. (Philip Prindeville)

- In plugin, don't set devnam if it's already set. (Mike Ireton)

- Eliminate race condition in signal handling.

- pppoe-server: Add -q and -Q options to allow specification of path 
  to pppd and pppoe programs respectively.

- Add a few more sanity checks to pppoe-server packet handling.

- Use -fno-strict-aliasing when compiling with gcc to avoid possible 
  problems from -O2 optimization level.
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