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20121214 postfix-2.9.5にupdateしました

Release notes

Postfix stable release 2.9.5, 
and legacy releases 2.8.13, 2.7.12, 2.6.18 are available. 
They contain fixes and workarounds that are also part of 
Postfix 2.10. 

Postfix 2.9 only:

 False error (missing "]" character) when a reject_{rhs,dns}bl_* 
 or permit_{rhs,dns}wl_* reply pattern started with "[". 
 Reported by Martijn Brinkers.

Postfix 2.8 and later:

 The postscreen_access_list feature failed to ignore case in 
 the first character of a command (e.g., permit, reject, etc.). 
 Reported by Francis Picabia. (This fix is incorrectly listed 
 in the HISTORY files of earlier releases, and will be removed 
 with a future patch.) 

All supported releases:

 Strip the datalink suffix (e.g., %eth0) from IPv6 addresses 
 returned by the system getaddrinfo() routine. Such suffixes 
 break the default mynetworks value, the Postfix SMTP server's 
 reverse/forward DNS name/address mapping check, 
 and possibly more.

 To eliminate the possibility of collisions with connection 
 cache lookup keys, the Postfix LDAP client now computes 
 those lookup keys by joining the number-valued connection 
 properties with ASCII null, just like it already did with 
 the string-valued connection properties.

 There was a memory leak during one-time TLS library 
 initialization (introduced with Postfix 2.5). 
 Reported by Coverity.

 There was a memory leak in the unused oqmgr(8) program 
 (introduced with Postfix 2.3). 
 Reported by Coverity.
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