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20120320 CentOS6.4にupgradeしました

Major changes

 Microsoft Hyper-V drivers have been added to allow CentOS
 to be more efficient as a Virtual Machine when installed
 on Microsoft Hyper-V server.

 The samba4 libraries (provided by the samba4-libs package)
 have been upgraded to the latest upstream version to
 improve interoperability with Active Directory (AD) domains.
 If you upgrade from CentOS-6.3 to CentOS-6.4 and you have
 Samba in use, make sure to uninstall the samba4 package
 to avoid conflicts during the upgrade. samba4 is still
 - at least in part - considered a technology preview.

 As announced in the CentOS-6.3 Release Notes matahari
 is now deprecated.
 CentOS-6.4 ships one last update that should remove
 all remains of matahari.
 To ensure all remains are erased run yum erase matahari*
 after updating to 6.4.

 dev86, iasl, and qemu-guest-agent have been added to
 the i386 architecture. 

CentOS 6.4 Release Notes

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