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20130413 postfix-2.10.0にupgradeしました

Release notes

Postfix stable release 2.10.0 is available. As of now, Postfix 2.6 is
 no longer updated.

Main changes (see the RELEASE_NOTES file for details):

 Separation of relay policy (with smtpd_relay_restrictions) from spam
 policy (with smtpd_{client, helo, sender, recipient}_restrictions),
 which makes accidental open relay configuration less likely.
 The default is backwards compatible.

 HAproxy load-balancer support for postscreen(8) and smtpd(8).
 The nginx proxy was already supported by Postfix 2.9 smtpd(8),
 using XCLIENT commands.

 Support for the TLSv1 and TLSv2 protocols, as well as support to turn
 them off if needed for inter-operability.

 Laptop-friendly configuration. By default, Postfix now uses
 UNIX-domain sockets instead of FIFOs, and thus avoids MTIME file
 system updates on an idle mail system.

 Revised postconf(1) command. The "-x" option expands $name in a
 parameter value (both main.cf and master.cf); the "-o name=value"
 option overrides a main.cf parameter setting; and postconf(1) now
 warns about a $name that has no name=value setting.

 Sendmail-style "socketmap" lookup tables.
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