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20130523 dovecot-2.2.2にupgradeしました


・20-imap.conf に変更が加えられています
・20-pop3.conf に変更が加えられています


v2.2.2 2013-05-20  Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>

+ zlib: Keep the last mail cached uncompressed in a temp file. This
  fixes performance when doing small partial fetches from a large
+ acl: If plugin { acl_defaults_from_inbox = yes } is set, get the
  default ACLs for private and shared namespaces from the user's INBOX.
  (This probably will become default in v2.3.)
+ pop3: Added pop3_deleted_flag setting to switch POP3 deletions to
  only hide the messages from POP3, but still be visible via IMAP.
- ACL plugin: Mailbox creation wasn't actually checking any ACLs
  and always succeeded (due to some v2.2 API changes). The created
  mailbox couldn't have been accessed though, so this couldn't have
  caused any data leak.
- IMAP: Various URLAUTH fixes.
- IMAP: Fixed a hang with invalid APPEND parameters.
- IMAP LIST-EXTENDED: INBOX was never listed with \Subscribed flag.
- mailbox_list_index=yes still caused crashes.
- maildir: Fixed a crash after dovecot-keywords file was re-read.
- maildir: If files had reappeared unexpectedly to a Maildir, they
  were ignored until index files were deleted.
- Maildir: Fixed handling over 26 keywords in a mailbox. 
- Maildir++: Fixed mail_shared_explicit_inbox=no 
- namespace { prefix="" list=no } was listing mailboxes.
- imap/pop3-login proxying: Fixed a crash if TCP connection succeeded,
  but the remote login timed out.
- Case-insensitive search/sort didn't work correctly for all unicode
  characters, as specified by i;unicode-casemap comparator. If full
  text search indexes were used, they need to be rebuilt for old mails
  to be handled correctly. (This bug has existed always in Dovecot.)
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