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20130530 bind-9.9.3にupdateしました

BIND 9.9.3 Release Notes

Security Fixes

. Now supports NAPTR regular expression validation on all platforms, 
  and avoids memory exhaustion compiling pathological regular 
  expressions. (CVE-2013-2266)  [RT #32688]
. Prevents named from aborting with a require assertion failure on 
  servers with DNS64 enabled.  These crashes might occur as a result 
  of specific queries that are received. (CVE-2012-5688) 
  [RT #30792 / #30996]
. Prevents an assertion failure in named when RPZ and DNS64 are used
  together. (CVE-2012-5689) [RT #32141]

New Features

. Adds a new configuration option, "check-spf"; valid values are 
  "warn" (default) and "ignore".  When set to "warn", checks SPF and 
  TXT records in spf format, warning if either resource record type 
  occurs without a corresponding record of the other resource record 
  type.  [RT #33355]
. Adds the command-line tool "dnssec-coverage" that checks to make 
  sure that there is no scheduled lapse in key coverage. 
  Requires python. [RT #28098]
. Adds support for the EUI48 and EUI64 RR types. [RT #33082]
. Adds support for the RFC 6742 ILNP record types 
  (NID, LP, L32, and L64). [RT #31836]

・詳細はbindサイトのRelease Notesを参照して下さい

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