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20131008 dropbear-2013.59にupdateしました

Changelog (2013.58 ~ 2013.59)

2013.59 - Friday 4 October 2013

- Fix crash from -J command 
  Thanks to Lluís Batlle i Rossell and Arnaud Mouiche for patches

- Avoid reading too much from /proc/net/rt_cache since that causes
  system slowness. 

- Improve EOF handling for half-closed connections
  Thanks to Catalin Patulea

- Send a banner message to report PAM error messages intended for the user
  Patch from Martin Donnelly

- Limit the size of decompressed payloads, avoids memory exhaustion denial
  of service 
  Thanks to Logan Lamb for reporting and investigating it

- Avoid disclosing existence of valid users through inconsistent delays
  Thanks to Logan Lamb for reporting

- Update config.guess and config.sub for newer architectures

- Avoid segfault in server for locked accounts

- "make install" now installs manpages
  dropbearkey.8 has been renamed to dropbearkey.1
  manpage added for dropbearconvert

- Get rid of one second delay when running non-interactive commands
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