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20131120 httpd-2.2.26にupdateしました

Changes with Apache 2.2.26

*) mod_dav: dav_resource->uri treated as unencoded. This was an
   unnecessary ABI changed introduced in 2.2.25  PR 55397.  [Ben Reser]

*) mod_dav: Do not validate locks against parent collection of COPY
   source URI.  PR 55304.  [Ben Reser]

*) mod_ssl: Check SNI hostname against Host header case-insensitively.
   PR 49491.  [Mayank Agrawal <magrawal.08 gmail.com>]

*) mod_ssl: enable support for ECC keys and ECDH ciphers.  Tested against
   OpenSSL 1.0.0b3.  [Vipul Gupta vipul.gupta sun.com, Sander Temme,
   Stefan Fritsch]

*) mod_ssl: Change default for SSLCompression to off, as compression
   causes security issues in most setups. (The so called "CRIME" attack).
   [Stefan Fritsch]

*) mod_ssl: Fix compilation error when OpenSSL does not contain
   support for SSLv2. Problem was introduced in 2.2.25. PR 55194.
   [Rainer Jung, Kaspar Brand]

*) mod_dav: Fix double encoding of URIs in XML and Location header (caused
   by unintential ABI change in 2.2.25).  PR 55397.  [Ben Reser] 
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