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20131122 lynis-1.3.5にupdateしました

Changelog 1.3.5 (2013-11-19)

- OS detection for Mageia Linux, PCLinuxOS, Sabayon Linux and Scientific Linux
- Added some initial systemd support (e.g. boot services)
- Test to display if any known MAC framework is implemented [MACF-6290]

- Improved support for Slackware Linux (OS and version detection)
- Added systemd support (boot and running services) for Linux systems [BOOT-5177]
- Added systemd support (default runlevel) for Linux systems [KRNL-5622]
- Extended USB storage check in modprobe.d directory [STRG-1840]
- Improved output, reporting and check for kernel update [KRNL-5788]
- Optimized code and output of test to check writable scripts [BOOT-5184]
- Fixed detection for writable scripts [BOOT-5184]
- Improved detection IPv6 addresses for Slackware and others [NETW-3008]
- Minor addition to SSH PermitRootLogin check [SSH-7412]
- Extended cronjob tests, reporting and logging [SCHD-7704]
- Extended umask check in /etc/profile [AUTH-9328]
- Added suggestion about BIND version [NAME-4210]
- Merged test NTP daemon test TIME-3108 into TIME-3104
- Improved support for Arch Linux (output, detection)
- Extended common list of directories with SSL certifcates in profile
- New function GetHostID() to determine an unique identifier of the machine
- Added a tests_custom file template
- Perform file permissions test on tests_custom file
- Improved OS detection and extended logging on several tests
- Several layout improvements
- Extended update check functions and output
- Cleaned up reporting and extended it with exceptions
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2013-11-23 iptablesのupdate