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20131204 dropbear-2013.62にupdateしました

Changelog (2013.60 ~ 2013.62)

2013.62 - Tuesday 3 December 2013

- Disable "interactive" QoS connection options when a connection doesn't
  have a PTY (eg scp, rsync). Thanks to Catalin Patulea for the patch.

- Log when a hostkey is generated with -R, fix some bugs in handling server
  hostkey commandline options

- Fix crash in Dropbearconvert and 521 bit key, reported by NiLuJe

- Update config.guess and config.sub again

2013.61test - Thursday 14 November 2013

- ECC (elliptic curve) support. Supports ECDSA hostkeys (requires new keys to
  be generated) and ECDH for setting up encryption keys (no intervention
  required). This is significantly faster.

- curve25519-sha256 at libssh.org support for setting up encryption keys. This is
  another elliptic curve mode with less potential of NSA interference in
  algorithm parameters. curve25519-donna code thanks to Adam Langley

- -R option to automatically generate hostkeys. This is recommended for
  embedded platforms since it allows the system random number device
  /dev/urandom a longer startup time to generate a secure seed before the
  hostkey is required.

- Compile fixes for old vendor compilers like Tru64 from Daniel Richard G.

- Make authorized_keys handling more robust, don't exit encountering
  malformed lines. Thanks to Lorin Hochstein and Mark Stillwell 
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