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20131204 lynis-1.3.6にupdateしました

Changelog 1.3.6 (2013-12-03)

 - Support for the dntpd time daemon
 - New Apache test for modules [HTTP-6632]
 - Apache test for mod_evasive [HTTP-6640]
 - Apache test for mod_qos [HTTP-6641]
 - Apache test for mod_spamhaus [HTTP-6642]
 - Apache test for ModSecurity [HTTP-6643]
 - Check for installed package audit tool [PKGS-7398]
 - Added initial support for new pkgng and related tools [PKGS-7381]
 - Check for ssh-keyscan binary
 - ZFS support for FreeBSD [FILE-6330]
 - Test for passwordless accounts [AUTH-9283]
 - Initial OS support for DragonFly BSD
 - Initial OS support for TrueOS (FreeBSD based)
 - Initial OS support for elementary OS (Luna)
 - GetHostID for DragonFly, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD
 - Check for DHCP client [NETW-3030]
 - Initial support for OSSEC (system integrity) [FINT-4328]
 - New parameter --log-file to adjust log file location
 - New function IsRunning() to check status of processes
 - New function RealFilename() to determine file name
 - New function CheckItem() for parsing files
 - New function ReportManual() and ReportException() to simplify code
 - New function DirectoryExists() to check existence of a directory
 - Support for dntpd [TIME-3104]

 - Extended pf checks for FreeBSD/OpenBSD and others [FIRE-4518]
 - Extended test to gather listening network ports for Linux [NETW-3012]
 - Adjusted lsof statement to ignore warnings (e.g. fuse) [LOGG-2180] [LOGG-2190]
 - Added suggestion for discovered shells on FreeBSD [AUTH-9218]
 - Extended core dump test with additional details [KRNL-5820]
 - Properly display suggestion if portaudit is not installed [PKGS-7382]
 - Ignore message if no packages are installed (pkg_info) [PKGS-7320]
 - Also try using apt-check on Debian systems [PKGS-7392]
 - Adjusted logging for RPM binary on systems not using it [PKGS-7308]
 - Extended search in cron directories for rdate/ntpdate [TIME-3104]
 - Adjusted PHP check to find ini files [PHP-2211]
 - Skip Apache test for NetBSD [HTTP-6622]
 - Skip test http version check for NetBSD [HTTP-6624]
 - Additional check to surpress sort error [HTTP-6626]
 - Improved the way binaries are checked (less disk reads)
 - Adjusted ReportWarning() function to skip impact rating
 - Improved report on screen by leaving out date/time and type
 - Redirect errors while checking for OpenSSL version
 - Extended reporting with firewall status and software
 - Adjusted naming of some operating systems to make them more consistent
 - Extended update check by using host binary if dig is not installed
 - Count number of installed binaries/packages and report them
 - Report about log rotation tool and status
 - Updated man page
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