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20140203 apcupsd-3.14.11にupdateしました

Release Notes

3.14.11 -- 31 January 2014           (Maintenance Release)


* MODBUS protocol support

  Over the summer, APC publicly released documentation[1] on a new UPS 
  control and monitoring protocol, loosely referred to as MODBUS (after the 
  historic industrial control protocol it is based on). The new protocol 
  operates over RS232 serial lines as well as USB connections and is intended 
  to supplement APC's proprietary Microlink protocol. Microlink is not going 
  away, but APC has realized that third parties require access to UPS status 
  and control information. Rather than publicly open Microlink, they have 
  created another protocol to operate along side it.

  Many existing Microlink UPSes can be upgraded to support MODBUS via a 
  firmware update. See [2]. Certain older models are not upgradeable. APC 
  support will be your best contact for determining if your UPS supports a 
  MODBUS upgrade the information linked below does not make it clear.

  For now, apcupsd supports MODBUS over RS232 serial only. It DOES NOT yet 
  support MODBUS over USB. See the apcupsd manual[3] for information on
  setting up apcupsd.conf for MODBUS UPSes.
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