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20140309 phpmyadmin-4.1.9にupdateしました

release notes

Welcome to phpMyAdmin 4.1.9, a bugfix version. (2014-03-06)
- bug #4279 CTRL + up or down moves two fields (part one)
- bug #4294 output as text radio clickable for "OpenDocument Text" export
- bug #4297 DROP DATABASE tick box in export no longer works
- bug #4291 Unable to export comments in OpenDocument text format
- bug #4299 Deletion even when the user says "No" to the confirmation message
- bug #4303 "New" link in navi panel is shown even if no privileges
- bug #4302 Some params are being omitted from microhistory
- bug #4298 Missing validation on Import CSV: "Columns enclosed with" and "Colum
ns escaped with"
- bug #4040 Fatal error while resetting settings
- bug #4305 JS error when editing procedure from nav panel
- bug #4308 Edit routine form submitting when pressing enter
- bug #4307 Nav: "Columns" won't expand with specific schema
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