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20140801 lynis-1.5.9にupdateしました


* 1.5.9 (2014-07-31)

 - New NetBSD test for vulnerable software packages [PKGS-7380]
 - Test if Debian based systems need a reboot [KRNL-5830]
 - Test for running Sendmail daemon [MAIL-8880]
 - Test for availability of mtree [FINT-4330]
 - Check for lp daemon (printing) [PRNT-2314]
 - Added Qmail status detection [MAIL-8860]
 - New NetBSD boot loader test [BOOT-5126]
 - Added test for automation tools like Cfengine and Puppet [TOOL-5002]
 - Added KRNL-5830 control to website
 - Added detection for Puppet
 - Added tooling category

 - Security repository test extended with /etc/apt/sources.list.d [PKGS-7388]
 - Added exception case for CUPS configuration (listen statement) [PRNT-2308]
 - Improved detection of TMOUT setting in shell profile file [SHLL-6220]
 - Perform promiscuous interfaces test for NetBSD as well [NETW-3014]
 - Perform swap partition parameters test on all systems [FILE-6336]
 - Also check password file on DragonFlyBSD and NetBSD [AUTH-9208]
 - Show message regarding toor user for all systems [AUTH-9204]
 - Check for available interfaces on NetBSD as well [NETW-3004]
 - Extended UFS file system test with FFS support [FILE-6329]
 - Improvements for step-tickers file test [TIME-3160]
 - Perform sockstat test for NetBSD [NETW-3012]
 - Gather IP addresses for NetBSD [NETW-3008]
 - Test MAC addresses on NetBSD [NETW-3006]
 - Added /usr/X11R7/bin directory to search for binaries
 - Improved full qualified domain name (FQDN) check for Linux
 - Don't show follow-up hints when there are no warnings or suggestions
 - Improved IsRunning function to better target processes
 - Several smaller adjustments in text and descriptions
 - Extended ReportException function with logging text
 - Improved GetHostID function for NetBSD and Solaris
 - Added printing_daemon and mail_daemon to report
 - Binaries extended with tools like kstat, puppet


* 1.5.8 (2014-07-24)

 - Testing for commercial anti-virus solutions like McAfee and Sophos [MALW-3280]
 - New control text for MALW-3280 - http://cisofy.com/controls/malw-3280/

 - Extended GRUB test with encrypted password (SHA1) [BOOT-5121]
 - Check /etc/profile for multiple umask values [AUTH-9328]
 - Extended PHP disabled functions test [PHP-2320]
 - Add gpgcheck parameter to YUM test [PKGS-7387]
 - Squid configuration file permissions test adjusted and control added to website [SQD-3613]
 - Logging has been extended and exceptional event text adjusted
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