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20090128 dovecot-1.1.10にupdateしました、samba-3.3.0にupgradeしました


Dovecot Release Notes

v1.1.9 wasn't such a great release. Once again: Would be great if
someone started a proper testing suite so releases could be tested..

- Maildir: Keyword handling was somewhat broken in v1.1.9
- userdb prefetch was broken with blocking passdbs in v1.1.9
- dict process didn't always die with the rest of Dovecot
- dict quota was somewhat broken with pgsql


Release Notes for Samba 3.3.0

This is the first stable release of Samba 3.3.0.

Major enhancements in Samba 3.3.0 include:

General changes:
o The passdb tdbsam version has been raised.

o Splitting of library directory into library directory and separate
modules directory.
o The default value of "ldap ssl" has been changed to "start tls".

File Serving:
o Extended Cluster support.
o New experimental VFS modules "vfs_acl_xattr" and "vfs_acl_tdb"
to store NTFS ACLs on Samba file servers.

o Simplified idmap configuration.
o New idmap backends "adex" and "hash".
o Added new parameter "winbind reconnect delay".
o Added support for user and group aliasing.
o Added support for multiple domains to idmap_ad.

Administrative tools:
o The destination "all" of smbcontrol does now affect all running
daemons including nmbd and winbindd.
o New 'net rpc vampire keytab' and 'net rpc vampire ldif' commands.
o The 'net' utility can now use kerberos for joining and authentication.
o The 'wbinfo' utility can now add, modify and remove identity mapping entries.

o NetApi library implements various new calls for User- and Group
Account Management.
o libsmbclient does now determine case sensitivity based on file system

詳細はsambaサイトの Release Notes を参照して下さい

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