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20141017 lynis-1.6.3にupdateしました


 * 1.6.3 (2014-10-14)

 - Added tests for Shellshock bash vulnerability [SHLL-6290]
 - Added test to determine if Snoopy is used [ACCT-9636]
 - New test for qdaemon configuration file [PRNT-2416]
 - Test for GRUB boot loader password [BOOT-5122]
 - New test for qdaemon printer jobs [PRNT-2420]
 - Added ClamXav test for Mac OS X [MALW-3288]
 - Gentoo vulnerable packages test [PKGS-7393]
 - New test for qdaemon status [PRNT-2418]
 - Gentoo package listing [PKGS-7304]
 - Running Lynis without root permissions will start non-privileged scan
 - Systemd service and timer example file added
 - Added grub2-install to binaries

 - Adjustments so insecure SSL protocols are detected in nginx config [HTTP-6710]
 - Directories will be skipped when searching for nginx log files [HTTP-6720]
 - Only gather unique name servers from /etc/resolv.conf [NAME-2704]
 - Properly detect mod_evasive on Gentoo and others [HTTP-6640]
 - Improved swap partition detection in /etc/fstab [FILE-6336]
 - Improvements to kernel detection (e.g. Gentoo) [KRNL-5830]
 - Test for built-in security options in YUM [PKGS-7386]
 - Improved boot loader detection for GRUB2 [BOOT-5121]
 - Split GRUB test into two tests [BOOT-5122]
 - Added Mac OS uptime check [BOOT-5202]
 - Improved GetHostID function for systems having only ip binary
 - Improved testing for symlinked binary directories
 - Minor adjustments to log output
 - Renamed dev directory to extras

 * 1.6.2 (2014-09-22)

 - IsVirtualMachine function to check if system is running in VM

   VM types: Bochs CPU emulation, IBM z/VM, KVM, Linux Containers,
             libvirt LXC driver (Linux Containers), Microsoft Virtual PC, OpenVZ,
             Oracle VM VirtualBox, QEMU, Systemd Namespace container,
             User-Mode Linux (UML), VMware products, XEN

 - Detection for SaltStack configuration management tooling
 - ShowSymlinkPath function to check path behind a symlink
 - Check of configuration options of pacman [PKGS-7314]
 - Support for drill binary to check for Lynis update
 - FileIsEmpty function to check for empty files
 - Detect updates for Arch Linux [PKGS-7312]
 - Add detection for machine ID (systemd)
 - Added linux_config_file to report
 - Bash completion script for Lynis
 - Added detection of ss binary

 - Extended system reboot check, to enable it for most Linux  versions[KRNL-5830]
 - Improved inetd test to avoid false positive with xinetd process [INSE-8002]
 - Permissions check has been adjusted to allow packaging and pentest mode
 - Added detection for compressed Linux config file [KRNL-5728]
 - Added support for compressed Linux config file [KRNL-5730]
 - Store PID file in home directory of the user, if needed
 - Added usage of ss to gather listening ports [NETW-3012]
 - Additional permission added to CUPS check [PRNT-2307]
 - Extended telnet in inetd test [INSE-8016]
 - Fix for reading at.deny file [SCHD-7720]
 - Removed individual warnings [BOOT-5184]
 - Several improvements for Arch Linux
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