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20150130 dropbear-2015.67にupdateしました

Changelog (2014.66 ~ 2015.67)

2015.67 - Wednesday 28 January 2015

- Call fsync() after generating private keys to ensure they aren't lost if a
  reboot occurs. Thanks to Peter Korsgaard

- Disable non-delayed zlib compression by default on the server. Can be
  enabled if required for old clients with DROPBEAR_SERVER_DELAY_ZLIB

- Default client key path ~/.ssh/id_dropbear

- Prefer stronger algorithms by default, from Fedor Brunner. 
  AES256 over 3DES
  Diffie-hellman group14 over group1

- Add option to disable CBC ciphers.

- Disable twofish in default options.h

- Enable sha2 HMAC algorithms by default, the code was already required
  for ECC key exchange. sha1 is the first preference still for performance. 

- Fix installing dropbear.8 in a separate build directory, from Like Ma

- Allow configure to succeed if libtomcrypt/libtommath are missing, from Elan Ruusamäe

- Don't crash if ssh-agent provides an unknown type of key. From Catalin Patulea

- Minor bug fixes, a few issues found by Coverity scan
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