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20150222 phpmyadmin-4.3.10にupdateしました

ChangeLog (2015-02-20)
- bug       Undefined index navwork
- bug #4744 Opening console scroll down the page
- bug       Remove extra column heading in view structure page
- bug       Add missing confirmation when deleting central columns
- bug       Undefined index DisableIS
- bug #4763 Database export with more than 512 tables fails
- bug #4769 Previously set column aliases are destroyed if returned to the same table
- bug #4752 Incorrect page after creating table
- bug #4771 Central Columns not working, showing error (2015-02-05)
- bug #4728 Incorrect headings in routine editor
- bug #4730 Notice while browsing tables when phpmyadmin pma database exists, but not all the tables
- bug #4729 Display original field when using "Relational display column" option and display column is empty
- bug #4734 Default values for binary fields do not support binary values
- bug #4736 Changing display options breaks query highlighting
- bug       Undefined index submit_type
- bug #4738 Header lose align when scrolling in Firefox
- bug #4741 in ./libraries/Advisor.class.php#184 vsprintf(): Too few arguments
- bug #4743 Unable to move cursor with keyboard in filter rows box
- bug       Incorrect link in doc
- bug #4745 Tracking does not handle views properly
- bug #4706 Schema export doesn't handle dots in db/table name
- bug #3935 Table Header not displayed correct (Safari 5.0.5 Mac)
- bug #4750 Disable renaming referenced columns
- bug #4748 Column name center-aligned instead of left-aligned in Relations
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