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20150313 dovecot-2.2.16にupdateしました


v2.2.16 2015-03-12  Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>

* dbox: Resyncing (e.g. doveadm force-resync) no longer deletes
  dovecot.index.cache file. The cache file was rarely the problem
  so this just caused unnecessary slowness.
* Mailbox name limits changed during mailbox creation: Each part of
  a hierarchical name (e.g. "x" or "y" in "x/y") can now be up to 255
  chars long (instead of 200). This also reduces the max number of
  hierarchical levels to 16 (instead of 20) to keep the maximum name
  length 4096 (a common PATH_MAX limit). The 255 char limit is
  hopefully large enough for migrations from all existing systems.
  It's also the limit on many filesystems.

+ director: Added director_consistent_hashing setting to enable
  consistent hashing (instead of the mostly-random MD5 hashing).
  This causes fewer user moves between backends when backend counts
  are changed, which may improve performance (mainly due to caching).
+ director: Added support for "tags", which allows one director ring
  to serve multiple backend clusters with different sets of users.
+ LMTP server: Added lmtp_user_concurrency_limit setting to limit how
  many LMTP deliveries can be done concurrently for a single user.
+ LMTP server: Added support for STARTTLS command.
+ If logging data is generated faster than it can be written, log a
  warning about it and show information about it in log process's
  process title in ps output. Also don't allow a single service to
  flood too long at the cost of delaying other services' logging.
+ stats: Added support for getting global statistics.
+ stats: Use the same session IDs as the rest of Dovecot.
+ stats: Plugins can now create their own statistics fields
+ doveadm server: Non-mail related commands can now also be used
  via doveadm server (TCP socket).
+ doveadm proxying: passdb lookup can now override doveadm_port and
  change the username.
+ doveadm: Search query supports now "oldestonly" parameter to stop
  immediately on the first non-match. This can be used to optimize:
  doveadm expunge mailbox Trash savedbefore 30d oldestonly
+ doveadm: Added "save" command to directly save mails to specified
  mailbox (bypassing Sieve).
+ doveadm fetch: Added body.snippet field, which returns the first
  100 chars of a message without whitespace or HTML tags. The result
  is stored into dovecot.index.cache, so it can be fetched efficiently.
+ dsync: Added -t  parameter to sync only mails newer than
  the given received-timestamp.
+ dsync: Added -F [-] parameter to sync only mails with[out] the
  given flag/keyword.
+ dsync: Added -a  parameter to specify the virtual mailbox
  containing user's all mails. If this mailbox is already found to
  contain the wanted mail (by its GUID), the message is copied from
  there instead of being re-saved. (This isn't efficient enough yet
  for incremental replication.)
+ dsync: -m parameter can now specify \Special-use names for mailboxes.
+ imapc: Added imapc_features=gmail-migration to help migrations from
  GMail. See http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Migration/Gmail
+ imapc: Added imapc_features=search to support IMAP SEARCH command.
  (Currently requires ESEARCH support from remote server.)
+ expire plugin: Added expire_cache=yes setting to cache most of the
  database lookups in dovecot index files.
+ quota: If overquota-flag in userdb doesn't match the current quota
  usage, execute a configured script.
+ redis dict: Added support for expiring keys (:expire_secs=n) and
  specifying the database number (:db=n)
- auth: Don't crash if master user login is attempted without
  any configured master=yes passdbs
- Parsing UTF-8 text for mails could have caused broken results
  sometimes if buffering was split in the middle of a UTF-8 character.
  This affected at least searching messages.
- String sanitization for some logged output wasn't done properly:
  UTF-8 text could have been truncated wrongly or the truncation may
  not have happened at all.
- fts-lucene: Lookups from virtual mailbox consisting of over 32
  physical mailboxes could have caused crashes.
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