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20150508 phpmyadmin-4.4.6にupdateしました

ChangeLog (2015-05-07)
- bug #4890 webkitStorageInfo and webkitIndexedDB is deprecated
- bug #4892 Undefined variable: unique_conditions
- bug #4891 CSV Import ignores "Replace table data with file" checkbox (2015-05-05)
- bug       Table overhead stats: missing space before the unit
- bug       Fix resize icon in Designer
- bug #4879 Exit fullscreen in Designer does not change the button text
- bug #4880 Designer icons missing when using original theme
- bug #4878 Column list of central columns is not cleared
- bug #4881 jQuery dialogs of the Designer are not displayed in fullscreen
- bug #4883 Search function breaks when searching for certain combinations of backslashes and slashes
- bug #4830 Maximum execution time exceeded in Util.class.php (better fix)
- bug #4885 Some icons are above the overlay of jQuery dialogs
- bug #4886 Clicking on external links in advisor rules give JS error
- bug #4888 Filter in central columns does not work in other languages
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