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20150611 bind-9.10.2-P1にupdateしました

Release Note

Bug Fixes

* Asynchronous zone loads were not handled correctly when the zone
  load was already in progress; this could trigger a crash in zt.c.
  [RT #37573]
* Several bugs have been fixed in the RPZ implementation:
  + Policy zones that did not specifically require recursion could
    be treated as if they did; consequently, setting
    qname-wait-recurse no; was sometimes ineffective. This has
    been corrected. In most configurations, behavioral changes due
    to this fix will not be noticeable. [RT #39229]
  + The server could crash if policy zones were updated (e.g. via
    rndc reload or an incoming zone transfer) while RPZ processing
    was still ongoing for an active query. [RT #39415]
  + On servers with one or more policy zones configured as slaves,
    if a policy zone updated during regular operation (rather than
    at startup) using a full zone reload, such as via AXFR, a bug
    could allow the RPZ summary data to fall out of sync,
    potentially leading to an assertion failure in rpz.c when
    further incremental updates were made to the zone, such as via
    IXFR. [RT #39567]
  + The server could match a shorter prefix than what was
    available in CLIENT-IP policy triggers, and so, an unexpected
    action could be taken. This has been corrected. [RT #39481]
  + The server could crash if a reload of an RPZ zone was
    initiated while another reload of the same zone was already in
    progress. [RT #39649]

・RELEASE-NOTES-BIND-9.10.2-P1.txt を参照してください
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