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20150709 phpmyadmin-4.4.11にupdateしました

ChangeLog (2015-07-06)
- bug       Missing selected/entered values when editing active options in visual query builder
- bug #4969 Autoload from prefs_storage not behaving properly
- bug #4972 Incorrect length computed for binary data
- bug       Remove character set from create_tables_drizzle.sql
- bug #4973 Users overview needs clarification
- bug #4974 Creating a database from console doesn't update navigation panel
- bug #4844 FAQ 1.17 needs an update (2015-06-17)
- bug #4950 Issues in database selection for replication
- bug #4951 Trying to save chart as image crashes the browser
- bug #4953 cant drag sql.gz file onto import input
- bug #4960 Table creation results in GET request with missing server parameter that invalidates the session
- bug #4961 Javascript error when Designer is opened
- bug #4962 Insert by foreign key scrolls page to top
- bug #4955 Clicking on the navi logo does not always work
- bug       External URL for $cfg['NavigationLogoLink'] causes JavaScript error when clicked
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2015-07-08 bindのupdate
2015-07-10 phpのupdate