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20150811 phpmyadmin-にupdateしました

ChangeLog (2015-08-08)
- issue #11368 SQL error when importing phpMyAdmin dump file (2015-08-07)
- issue #1808  "Improve table structure" generates invalid SQL
- issue        Once checked "Show only active" checkbox is always checked
- issue #1813  Delete rows using "Check All" is broken
- issue        Fix PHP 7 possible binding ambiguity
- issue #11326 Exported schema includes all the tables of the database
- issue #11339 Results not displayed if query ends in delimiter and comment
- issue #11320 Live edit of data fields is not working always
- issue        Table list in navigation collapses when entering into a table in another page
- issue #11364 JS error while trying to auto navigate to db structure page when db creation has failed (2015-07-20)
- bug       Saved chart image does not have a proper name or an extension
- bug #4976 Timepicker CSS issues in Original theme
- bug #4975 Move/Copy/Rename operations on Table/Db fail on Drizzle server
- bug #4826 Two inline edit windows
- bug #4979 Problem when import *.ods file
- bug       Add missing head tag
- bug #4985 Column headers move when scrolling
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2015-08-04 CentOS6.7へのupgrade
2015-08-12 phpのupdate