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20150813 dropbear-2015.68にupdateしました

Changelog (2014.67 ~ 2015.68)

2015.68 - Saturday 8 August 2015

- Reduce local data copying for improved efficiency. Measured 30%
  increase in throughput for connections to localhost

- Forwarded TCP ports connect asynchronously and try all available 
  addresses (IPv4, IPv6, round robin DNS)

- Fix all compile warnings, many patches from Gaël Portay
  Note that configure with -Werror may not be successful on some 
  platforms (OS X) and some configuration options may still result 
  in unused variable warnings.

- Use TCP Fast Open on Linux if available. Saves a round trip at 
  connection to hosts that have previously been connected. 
  Needs a recent Linux kernel and possibly "sysctl -w 
  net.ipv4.tcp_fastopen=3" Client side is disabled by default 
  pending further compatibility testing with networks and systems.

- Increase maximum command length to 9000 bytes

- Free memory before exiting, patch from Thorsten Horstmann. 
  Useful for Dropbear ports to embedded systems and for checking 
  memory leaks with valgrind. Only partially implemented for dbclient.
  This is disabled by default, 
  enable with DROPBEAR_CLEANUP in sysoptions.h

- DROPBEAR_DEFAULT_CLI_AUTHKEY setting now always prepends home 
  directory unless there is a leading slash (~ isn't treated specially)

- Fix small ECC memory leaks

- Tighten validation of Diffie-Hellman parameters, from Florent 
  Daigniere of Matta Consulting. Odds of bad values are around 
  2**-512 -- improbable.

- Twofish-ctr cipher is supported though disabled by default

- Fix pre-authentication timeout when waiting for client SSH-2.0 
  banner, thanks to CL Ouyang

- Fix null pointer crash with restrictions in authorized_keys 
  without a command, patch from Guilhem Moulin

- Ensure authentication timeout is handled while reading 
  the initial banner, thanks to CL Ouyang for finding it.

- Fix null pointer crash when handling bad ECC keys. Found by afl-fuzz
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