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20151023 ntp-4.2.8p4にupdateしました


Security Updates:

    [ Bug 2916 ] TALOS-CAN-0054: memory corruption in password store. JPerlinger
    [ Bug 2917 ] TALOS-CAN-0055: Infinite loop if extended logging enabled and
    the logfile and keyfile are the same. perlinger at ntp.org
    [ Bug 1918 ] TALOS-CAN-0062: prevent directory traversal for VMS, too, when
    using 'saveconfig' command. perlinger at ntp.org
    [ Bug 2901 ] Drop invalid packet before checking KoD. Check for all KoD's.
    Danny Mayer. Log incoming packets that fail TEST2. Harlan Stenn.
    [ Bug 2902 ] configuration directives "pidfile" and "driftfile"
    should be local-only. perlinger at ntp.org (patch by Miroslav Lichvar)
    [ Bug 2909 ] added missing call to 'free()' in ntp_crypto.c. perlinger at ntp.org
    [ Bug 2921 ] TALOS-CAN-0065: password length memory corruption. JPerlinger.
    [ Bug 2020 ] TALOS-CAN-0064: signed/unsiged clash could lead to buffer overun
    and memory corruption. perlinger at ntp.org
    [ Bug 2922 ] decodenetnum() will ASSERT botch instead of returning FAIL
    on some bogus values. Harlan Stenn.
    [ Bug 2941 ] NAK to the Future: Symmetric association authentication
    bypass via crypto-NAK. Patch applied. perlinger at ntp.org
    [ Bug 2899 ] CVE-2014-9297 perlinger at ntp.org
    [ Bug 2913 ] TALOS-CAN-0052: crash by loop counter underrun. perlinger at ntp.org

Bug Fixes:

    [ Bug 2919 ] TALOS-CAN-0063: avoid buffer overrun in ntpq. perlinger at ntp.org

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