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20160121 ntp-4.2.8p6にupdateしました


(4.2.8p6) 2016/01/20 Released by Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org

* [Sec 2935] Deja Vu: Replay attack on authenticated broadcast mode. HStenn.
* [Sec 2936] Skeleton Key: Any trusted key system can serve time. HStenn.
* [Sec 2937] ntpq: nextvar() missing length check. perlinger at ntp.org
* [Sec 2938] ntpq saveconfig command allows dangerous characters
  in filenames. perlinger at ntp.org
* [Sec 2939] reslist NULL pointer dereference.  perlinger at ntp.org
* [Sec 2940] Stack exhaustion in recursive traversal of restriction
  list. perlinger at ntp.org
* [Sec 2942]: Off-path DoS attack on auth broadcast mode.  HStenn.
* [Sec 2945] Zero Origin Timestamp Bypass. perlinger at ntp.org
* [Sec 2948] Potential Infinite Loop in ntpq ( and ntpdc) perlinger at ntp.org
* [Bug 2772] adj_systime overflows tv_usec. perlinger at ntp.org
* [Bug 2814] msyslog deadlock when signaled. perlinger at ntp.org
  - applied patch by shenpeng11 at huawei.com with minor adjustments
* [Bug 2882] Look at ntp_request.c:list_peers_sum(). perlinger at ntp.org
* [Bug 2891] Deadlock in deferred DNS lookup framework. perlinger at ntp.org
* [Bug 2892] Several test cases assume IPv6 capabilities even when
             IPv6 is disabled in the build. perlinger at ntp.org
  - Found this already fixed, but validation led to cleanup actions.
* [Bug 2905] DNS lookups broken. perlinger at ntp.org
  - added limits to stack consumption, fixed some return code handling
* [Bug 2971] ntpq bails on ^C: select fails: Interrupted system call
  - changed stacked/nested handling of CTRL-C. perlinger at ntp.org
  - make CTRL-C work for retrieval and printing od MRU list. perlinger at ntp.org
* [Bug 2980] reduce number of warnings. perlinger at ntp.org
  - integrated several patches from Havard Eidnes (he at uninett.no)
* [Bug 2985] bogus calculation in authkeys.c perlinger at ntp.org
  - implement 'auth_log2()' using integer bithack instead of float calculation
* Make leapsec_query debug messages less verbose.  Harlan Stenn.
* Disable incomplete t-ntp_signd.c test.  Harlan Stenn.

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