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20160319 dropbear-2016.73にupdateしました

Changelog (2015.72 ~ 2016.73)

2016.73 - 18 March 2016

- Support syslog in dbclient, option -o usesyslog=yes. Patch from 
  Konstantin Tokarev
- Kill a proxycommand when dbclient exits, patch from 
  Konstantin Tokarev
- Option to exit when a TCP forward fails, patch from 
  Konstantin Tokarev
- New "-o" option parsing from Konstantin Tokarev. This allows 
  handling some extra options in the style of OpenSSH, 
  though implementing all OpenSSH options is not planned.
- Fix crash when fallback initshells() is used, reported by 
  Michael Nowak and Mike Tzou
- Allow specifying commands eg "dropbearmulti dbclient ..." 
  instead of symlinks
- Various cleanups for issues found by a lint tool, patch from 
  Francois Perrad
- Fix tab indent consistency, patch from Francois Perrad
- Fix issues found by cppcheck, reported by Mike Tzou
- Use system memset_s() or explicit_bzero() if available to 
  clear memory. Also make libtomcrypt/libtommath routines use that 
  (or Dropbear's own m_burn()).
- Prevent scp failing when the local user doesn't exist. 
  Based on patch from Michael Witten.
- Improved Travis CI test running, thanks to Mike Tzou
- Improve some code that was flagged by Coverity and 
  Fortify Static Code Analyzer
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