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20160413 httpd-2.4.20にupgradeしました


Changes with Apache 2.4.20

*) core: Do not read .htaccess if AllowOverride and AllowOverrideList
   are "None". PR 58528.
   [Michael Schlenker <msc contact.de, Ruediger Pluem, Daniel Ruggeri]

*) mod_proxy_express: Fix possible use of DB handle after close.  
   PR 59230. [Petr <pgajdos suse.cz>]

*) core/util_script: relax alphanumeric filter of enviroment variable 
   names on Windows to allow '(' and ')' for passing PROGRAMFILES(X86) 
   et.al. unadulterated in 64 bit versions of Windows. PR 46751.  
   [John <john leineweb de>]

*) mod_http2: incrementing keepalives on each request started so that 
   logging %k gives increasing numbers per master http2 connection. 
   New documented variables in env, usable in custom log formats: 
   [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: more efficient passing of response bodies with less 
   contention and file bucket forwarding. [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: fix for missing score board updates on request count, 
   fix for memory leak on slave connection reuse. [Stefan Eissing]
*) mod_http2: Fix build on Windows from dsp files.
   [Stefan Eissing] 

Changes with Apache 2.4.19

*) mod_include: Add variable DOCUMENT_ARGS, with the arguments to the
   request for the SSI document.  [Jeff Trawick]

*) mod_authz_host: Add a new "forward-dns" authorization type, 
   not relying on reverse DNS lookups.  [Fabien]

*) mod_ssl: Add hooks to allow other modules to perform processing at
   several stages of initialization and connection handling.  See
   mod_ssl_openssl.h.  [Jeff Trawick]

*) mod_http2: disabling PUSH when client sends GOAWAY. 
   Slave connections are reused for several requests, 
   improved performance and better memory use. [Stefan Eissing]  

*) mod_rewrite: Don't implicitly URL-escape the original query string
   when no substitution has changed it (like PR50447 but server 
   context)   [Evgeny Kotkov <evgeny.kotkov visualsvn.com>]

*) mod_http2: fixes problem with wrong lifetime of file buckets on 
   main connection. [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: fixes incorrect denial of requests without :authority 
   header.   [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_reqtimeout: Prevent long response times from triggering 
   a timeout once the request has been fully read.  PR 59045.
   [Yann Ylavic]

*) ap_expr: expression support for variable HTTP2=on|off.
   [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: give control to async mpm for keepalive timeouts only 
   when no streams are open and even if only after 1 sec delay. 
   Under load, event mpm discards connections otherwise too quickly. 
   [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_ssl: Don't lose track of the SSL context if an unlikely failure 
   occurs in ssl_init_ssl_connection().  [Graham Leggett]

*) mod_rewrite: Add QSL|qslast flag to allow rewrites to files with
   literal question marks in their names. PR 58777. [Eric Covener]

*) event: use pre_connection hook to properly initialize connection 
   state for slave connections. use protocol_switch hook to initialize 
   server config early based on SNI selected vhost.  [Stefan Eissing]

*) hostname: Test and log useragent_host per-request across various 
   modules, including the scoreboard, expression and rewrite engines, 
   setenvif, authz_host, access_compat, custom logging, 
   ssl and REMOTE_HOST variables.  PR55348  [William Rowe]

*) core: Track the useragent_host per-request when mod_remoteip or 
   similar modules track a per-request useragent_ip.  Modules should 
   be updated to inquire for ap_get_useragent_host() in place of 
   ap_get_remote_host().   [William Rowe]

*) core: fix a bug in <UnDefine ...> directive processing. 
   When used, the last  <Define...>'ed variable was also withdrawn. 
   PR 59019   [Christophe Jaillet]

*) mod_http2: Accept-Encoding is, when present on the initiating 
   request, added to push promises. This lets compressed content work 
   in pushes.  by the client. [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: fixed possible read after free when streams were 
   cancelled early by the client. [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: fixed possible deadlock during connection shutdown. 
   Thanks to @FrankStolle for reporting and getting the necessary data. 
   [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: fixed apr_uint64_t formatting in a log statement to user 
   proper APR def, thanks to @Sp1l.

*) mod_http2: number of worker threads allowed to a connection is 
   adjusting dynamically. Starting with 4, the number is doubled when 
   streams can be served without block on http/2 connection flow. 
   The number is halfed, when the server has to wait on client flow 
   control grants. This can happen with a maximum frequency of 5 times 
   per second. When a connection occupies too many workers, repeatable 
   requests (GET/HEAD/OPTIONS) are cancelled and placed back in the 
   queue. Should that not suffice and a stream is busy longer than 
   the server timeout, the connection will be aborted with error code 
   ENHANCE_YOUR_CALM. This does *not* limit the number of streams 
   a client may open, rather the number of server threads a connection 
   might use. [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: allowing link header to specify multiple "rel" values, 
   space-separated inside a quoted string. Prohibiting push when Link 
   parameter "nopush" is present.  [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: reworked connection state handling. Idle connections 
   accept a GOAWAY from the client without further reply. Otherwise the
   module makes a best effort to send one last GOAWAY to the client.

*) mod_http2: the values from standard directives Timeout and 
   KeepAliveTimeout properly are applied to http/2 connections.
   [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: idle connections are returned to async mpms. new hook
   "pre_close_connection" used to send GOAWAY frame when not already 
   done. Setting event mpm server config "by hand" for the main 
   connection to the correct negotiated server.  [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: keep-alive blocking reads are done with 1 second 
   timeouts to check for MPM stopping. Will announce early GOAWAY and 
   finish processing open streams, then close.   [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: bytes read/written on slave connections are reported via 
   the optional mod_logio functions. Fixes PR 58871.

*) prefork: Initialize the POD when running in ONE_PROCESS (or -X) 
   mode to avoid a crash.  [Jan Kaluza, Yann Ylavic]

*) mod_ssl: When SSLVerify is disabled (NONE), don't force a 
   renegotiation if the SSLVerifyDepth applied with the 
   default/handshaken vhost differs from the one applicable with the 
   finally selected vhost.  [Yann Ylavic]

*) core: Ensure that httpd exits with an error status when the MPM 
   fails to run.  [Yann Ylavic]

*) mod_ssl: Fix a possible memory leak on restart for custom [EC]DH 
   params.   [Jan Kaluza, Yann Ylavic]

*) mod_ssl: Add SSLOCSPProxyURL to add the possibility to do all 
   queries to OCSP responders through a HTTP proxy. [Ruediger Pluem]

*) mod_proxy: Play/restore the TLS-SNI on new backend connections 
   which had to be issued because the remote closed the 
   previous/reusable one during idle (keep-alive) time.  [Yann Ylavic]

*) mod_cache_socache: Fix a possible cached entity body corruption 
   when it is received from an origin server in multiple batches and 
   forwarded by mod_proxy.  [Yann Ylavic]

*) core: Add expression support to SetHandler.
   [Eric Covener]

*) mod_remoteip: Prevent an external proxy from presenting an internal
   proxy. PR 55962. [Mike Rumph]

*) core: Prevent a server crash in case of an invalid CONNECT request 
   with a custom error page for status code 400 that uses server side 
   includes.   PR 58929 [Ruediger Pluem]

*) mod_ssl: handle TIMEOUT on empty SSL input as non-fatal, returning 
   APR_TIMEUP and preserving connection state for later retry.
   [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_ssl: Save some TLS record (application data) fragmentations by
   including the last and subsequent suitable buckets when coalescing.
   [Yann Ylavic]

*) mod_proxy_fcgi: Suppress HTTP error 503 and message 01075, 
   "Error dispatching request", when the cause appears to be 
   due to the client closing the connection. 
   PR58118.  [Tobias Adolph ]

*) mod_cgid: Message AH02550, failure to flush a response to the 
   client, is now logged at TRACE1 level to match the underlying 
   core output filter severity.  [Eric Covener]

*) mime.types: add common extension "m4a" for MPEG 4 Audio.
   PR 57895 [Dylan Millikin ]

*) Added many log numbers to log statements that had none.
   [Rainer Jung]

*) mod_log_config: Add GlobalLog to allow a globally defined log to
   be inherited by virtual hosts that define a CustomLog. [Edward Lu]

*) mod_http2: connections how keep a "push diary" where hashes of 
   already pushed resources are kept. See directive H2PushDiarySize 
   for managing this. Push diaries can be initialized by clients 
   via the "Cache-Digest" request header. This carries a base64url 
   encoded. compressed Golomb set as described
   in https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-kazuho-h2-cache-digest/
   Introduced a status handler for HTTP/2 connections, giving various 
   counters and statistics about the current connection, 
   plus its cache digest value in a JSON record. Not a replacement for 
   more HTTP/2 in the server status. 
   Configured as
     <Location "/http2-status">
         SetHandler http2-status
   [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: Fixed flushing of last GOAWAY frame. Previously, 
   that frame did not always reach the client, causing some to fail 
   the next request.  Fixed calculation of last stream id accepted as
   described in rfc7540. 
   Reading in KEEPALIVE state now correctly shown in scoreboard. 
   Fixed possible race in connection shutdown after review by Ylavic. 
   Fixed segfault on connection shutdown, callback ran into a semi 
   dismantled session.   [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: Added support for experimental accept-push-policy draft
   Clients may now influence server pushes by sending 
   accept-push-policy headers.   [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: new r->subprocess_env variables HTTP2 and H2PUSH, set to 
   "on" when available for request.   [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: fixed bug in input window size calculation by moving 
   chunked request body encoding into later stage of processing. 
   Fixes PR 58825.  [Stefan Eissing]

*) core: new hook "pre_close_connection" which is run before the 
   lingering close of connections is started. This gives protocol 
   handlers one last chance to use a connection before it goes down. 
   [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_status/scoreboard: showing connection protocol in new column, 
   new ap_update_child_status methods for updating server/description. 
   mod_ssl sets vhost negotiated by servername directly.
   [Stefan Eissing]
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