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20150531 CentOS6.8にupgradeしました

Major changes

. If you use the SCL or Xen4CentOS repositories the locations of 
  these have changed as these repos are now being maintained by 
  Special Interest Groups. If you get errors updating your SCLs, 
  do: yum remove centos-release-SCL then yum install 
  centos-release-scl-rh. Xen should update as part of the normal 
  update process.

. libreswan replaces openswan as VPN endpoint solution (support 
  added in NetworkManager)

. sssd has a number of new capabilities and now supports smart cards, 
  support for SSLv2 has been disabled

. XFS support increased to a maximum file system size of 300TB

. various applications now support TLSv1.2, i.e. OpenLDAP, yum, 
  stunnel, vsftpd, git, postfix and others. Also TLSv1.2 has been 
  enabled by default in various packages

. various applications now support elliptic-curve parameters, i.e. 
  Perl Net:SSLeay or Perl IO::Socket::SSL

. dmidecode now supports SMBIOS 3.0.0

. kickstart files can now be pulled from https sources

. chrony has been added as an alternative to NTPd

. squid 3.4 is available as a replacement to squid 3.1

. enhancements have been made for guests running Hyper-V i.e. 
  reporting kernel crashes to the hypervisor or running as a 
  generation 2 guest

. New package rear can be used to continuously create recovery images

. SSLv3 and older insecure protocols are disabled by default, 
  and various packages now have more configuration options to select 
  the desired protocols

. libreoffice has been rebased to

. various packages have been rebased to more current version i.e. 
  elfutils, SystemTap, ipmitool, memtest86+, icedtea-web, 
  various hardware drivers, shadow utils, virt-who and others

CentOS 6.8 Release Notes


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