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20160929 lynis-2.3.4にupdateしました


Lynis 2.3.4 (2016-09-27)

* Skip update message when using the 'show' helper
* Instead of opening the log file, you can now use 'lynis show details'
  followed by the test ID. It will show the relevant section.
* Several tests have extended log details
* Many style improvements as part of ongoing refactoring of the code
* Detection of nftables improved
* Replaced cut, sed, tr and others commands with binary variable 
  (for forensics and future intrusion checking capabilities)
* Swedish translation provided by Peter Carlsson
* Support for arch-audit to scan for presence of vulnerable packages 
  on Arch Linux
* OS detection improved

* CONT-8107 - New test checking number of Docker containers
* CRYP-7902 - Gather more details regarding certificates
* DBS-1816  - Define skip reason
* FILE-6344 - Adjusted /proc test for hidepid option
* FILE-6362 - Removed warning and add skip reason
* FIRE-4520 - Change test to use detected binary
* FIRE-4520 - New test to check for empty nftables ruleset
* KRNL-5820 - Corrected function and style improvements
* LOGG-2146 - Textual change
* NAME-4408 - Check localhost to IP mapping
* PKGS-7320 - Test for arch-audit tool
* PKGS-7322 - Check vulnerable packages on Arch Linux
* PKGS-7381 - Extended vulnerable package detection for FreeBSD
* TIME-3104 - timedatectl test now detects NTP synchronization properly
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