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20161128 phpmyadmin-にupdateしました

ChangeLog (2016-11-25)
- issue #12735 Incorrect parameters to escapeString in Node.php
- issue #12734 Fix PHP error when mbstring is not installed
- issue #12736 Don't force partition count to be specified when 
               creating a new table

4.6.5 (2016-11-24)
- issue        Remove potentionally license problematic sRGB profile
- issue #12459 Display read only fields as read only when editing
- issue #12384 Fix expanding of navigation pane when clicking on 
- issue #12430 Impove partitioning support
- issue #12374 Reintroduced simplified PmaAbsoluteUri configuration 
- issue        Always use UTC time in HTTP headers
- issue #12479 Simplified validation of external links
- issue #12483 Fix browsing tables with built in transformations
- issue #12485 Do not show warning about short blowfish_secret if none 
               is set
- issue #12251 Fixed random logouts due to wrong cookie path
- issue #12480 Fixed editing of ENUM/SET/DECIMAL fields structure
- issue #12497 Missing escaping of configuration used in 
               SQL (hide_db and only_db)
- issue #12476 Add error checking in reading advisory rules file
- issue #12477 Add checking missing elements and confirming element 
               types from json_decode
- issue #12251 Automatically save SQL query in browser local storage 
               rather than in cookie
- issue #12292 Unable to edit transformations
- issue #12502 Remove unused paramenter when connecting to MySQLi
- issue #12303 Fix number formatting with different settings of 
               precision in PHP
- issue #12405 Use single quotes in PHP code
- issue #12534 Option for the dropped column is not removed from 
               'after_field' select, after the column is dropped
- issue #12531 Properly detect DROP DATABASE queries
- issue #12470 Fix possible race condition in setting URL hash
- issue #11924 Remove caching of server information
- issue #11628 Proper parsing of INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY queries
- issue #12545 Proper parsing of CREATE TABLE ... PARTITION queries
- issue #12473 Code can throw unhandled exception
- issue #12550 Do not try to keep alive session even after expiry
- issue #12512 Fixed rendering BBCode links in setup
- issue #12518 Fixed copy of table with generated columns
- issue #12221 Fixed export of table with generated columns
- issue #12320 Copying a user does not copy usergroup
- issue #12272 Adding a new row with default enum goes to no selection 
               when you want to add more then 2 rows
- issue #12487 Drag and drop import prevents file dropping to 
               blob column file selector on the insert tab
- issue #12554 Absence of scrolling makes it impossible to read 
               longer text values in grid editing
- issue #12530 "Edit routine" crashes when the current user is not 
               the definer, even if privileges are adequate
- issue #12300 Export selective tables by-default dumps Events also
- issue #12298 Fixed export of view definitions
- issue #12242 Edit routine detail dialog does not fill "Return length" 
               field in mysql functions
- issue #12575 New index Confirm adds whitespace around the field name
- issue #12382 Bug in zoom search
- issue #12321 Assign LIMIT clause only to syntactically correct 
- issue #12461 Can't Execute SQL With Sub-Query Due To "LIMIT 0,25" 
               Inserted At Wrong Place
- issue #12511 Clarify documentation on ArbitraryServerRegexp
- issue #12508 Remove duplicate code in SQL escaping
- issue #12475 Cleanup code for getting table information
- issue #12579 phpMyAdmin's export of a Select statment without a FROM 
               clause generates Wrong SQL
- issue #12316 Correct export of complex SELECT statements
- issue #12080 Fixed parsing of subselect queries
- issue #11740 Fixed handling DELETE ... USING queries
- issue #12100 Fixed handling of CASE operator
- issue #12455 Query history stores separate entry for every letter 
- issue #12327 Create PHP code no longer works
- issue #12179 Fixed bookmarking of query with multiple statements
- issue #12419 Wrong description on GRANT OPTION
- issue #12615 Fixed regexp for matching browser versions
- issue #12569 Avoid showing import errors twice
- issue #12362 prefs_manage.php can leave an orphaned temporary file
- issue #12619 Unable to export csv when using union select
- issue #12625 Broken Edit links in query results of JOIN query
- issue #12634 Drop DB error in import if DB doesn't exist
- issue #12338 Designer reverts to first saved ER after EACH relation 
               create or delete
- issue #12639 'Show trace' in Console generates JS error for functions 
               in query's trace called without any arguments
- issue #12366 Fix user creation with certain MariaDB setups
- issue #12616 Refuse to work with mbstring.func_overload enabled
- issue #12472 Properly report connection without password in setup
- issue #12365 Fix records count for large tables
- issue #12533 Fix records count for complex queries
- issue #12454 Query history not updated in console until page refresh
- issue #12344 Fixed parsing of labels in loop
- issue #12228 Fixed parsing of BEGIN labels
- issue #12637 Fixed editing some timestamp values
- issue #12622 Fixed javascript error in designer
- issue #12334 Missing page indicator or VIEWs
- issue #12610 Export of tables with Timestamp/Datetime/Time columns 
               defined with ON UPDATE clause with precision fails
- issue #12661 Error inserting into pma__history after timeout
- issue #12195 Row_format = fixed not visible
- issue #12665 Cannot add a foreign key - non-indexed fields not listed 
               in InnoDB tables
- issue #12674 Allow for proper MySQL-allowed strings as identifiers
- issue #12651 Allow for partial dates on table insert page
- issue #12681 Fixed designer with tables using special chars
- issue #12652 Fixed visual query builder for foreign keys with 
               more fields
- issue #12257 Improved search page performance
- issue #12322 Avoid selecting default function for foreign keys
- issue #12453 Fixed escaping of SQL parts in some corner cases
- issue #12542 Missing table name in account privileges editor
- issue #12691 Remove ksort call on empty array in PMA_getPlugins 
- issue #12443 Check parameter type before processing
- issue #12299 Avoid generating too long URLs in search
- issue #12361 Fix self SQL injection in table-specific privileges
- issue #12698 Add link to release notes and download on new version 
- issue #12712 Error when trying to setup replication (fatal error 
               in call to an old PMA_DBI_connect function)
- issue        [security] Unsafe generation of $cfg['blowfish_secret'], 
               see PMASA-2016-58
- issue        [security] phpMyAdmin's phpinfo functionality is 
               removed, see PMASA-2016-59
- issue        [security] AllowRoot and allow/deny rule bypass with 
               specially-crafted username, see PMASA-2016-60
- issue        [security] Username matching weaknesses with allow/deny 
               rules, see PMASA-2016-61
- issue        [security] Possible to bypass logout timeout, 
               see PMASA-2016-62
- issue        [security] Full path disclosure (FPD) weaknesses, 
               see PMASA-2016-63
- issue        [security] Multiple XSS weaknesses, see PMASA-2016-64
- issue        [security] Multiple denial-of-service (DOS) 
               vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2016-65
- issue        [security] Possible to bypass white-list protection for 
               URL redirection, see PMASA-2016-66
- issue        [security] BBCode injection to login page, 
               see PMASA-2016-67
- issue        [security] Denial-of-service (DOS) vulnerability in 
               table partitioning, see PMASA-2016-68
- issue        [security] Multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities, 
               see PMASA-2016-69
- issue        [security] Incorrect serialized string parsing, 
               see PMASA-2016-70
- issue        [security] CSRF token not stripped from the URL, 
               see PMASA-2016-71
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