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20161220 mysql-5.5.54にupdateしました

Changes in MySQL 5.5.54

Security Notes

. Incompatible Change: These changes were made to mysqld_safe:

   . Unsafe use of rm and chown in mysqld_safe could result 
     in privilege escalation. chown now can be used only when 
     the target directory is /var/log. 
     An incompatible change is that if the directory for 
     the Unix socket file is missing, it is no longer created; 
     instead, an error occurs. Due to these changes, 
     /bin/bash is required to run mysqld_safe on Solaris. 
     /bin/sh is still used on other Unix/Linux platforms.

   . The --ledir option now is accepted only on the command line, 
     not in option files.

   . mysqld_safe ignores the current working directory.

  Other related changes:

   . Initialization scripts that invoke mysqld_safe pass 
     --basedir explicitly.

   . Initialization scripts create the error log file only 
     if the base directory is /var/log or /var/lib.

   . Unused systemd files for SLES were removed.

・Changes in MySQL 5.5.54 (2016-12-12, General availability) を参照してください

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