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20170409 CentOS6.9にupgradeしました

Major changes

. Due to size constraints of CDs, there is no longer a LiveCD. 
  Keeping the size small enough would have required removing 
  everything that makes a GUI desktop functional. The LiveDVD 
  can be copied to a USB key and used if required.

. GnuTLS now supports TLS v1.2. All packages in CentOS utilizing 
  cryptography now support TLS v1.2.

. postfix, vsftpd, rsyslog7, ipa-server, 389-ds-base, krb5-server, 
  sssd and libvirt have improved functionality for selecting which 
  cipher suites are allowed.

. Net::SSLeay and IO::Socket:SSL Perl modules have been improved for 
  better TLS support.

. Support for insecure cryptographic protocols and algorithms has been 
  dropped. This affects usage of MD5, SHA0, RC4 and DH parameters 
  shorter than 1024 bits.

. cloud-init, a tool for configuring new cloud instances, has now been 
  added. Please see the entry on cloud-init in the "Known issues" 
  section below.

. pacemaker now supports alert agents, allowing more flexibility in 
  reacting to events in the cluster.

. clufter, a tool for converting and analyzing cluster configuration 
  files, has been rebased to version 0.59.8.

. ca-certificates has been updated to include the latest certificate 
  authorities as provided by the Mozilla Foundation.

. A new package cpuid is now available for displaying information 
  about the CPUs in the system.

. Setting NO_DHCP_HOSTNAME in /etc/sysconfig/network to true will 
  prevent network initialization scripts from changing the hostname.

. If you don't want to let NetworkManager update your /etc/resolv.conf, 
  you can now add dns=none to /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf 
  to achieve this.

. A new smartPQI driver for Microsemi storage adapters is now 

. mpt3sas and megaraid_sas storage drivers have been updated to 
  support more devices.

. guest-set-user-password allows setting the password for any user in 
  a QEMU/KVM virtual machine. 

CentOS 6.9 Release Notes


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