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20170412 mysql-5.5.55にupdateしました

Changes in MySQL 5.5.54

Security Notes

. The mysql_options() C API function now supports a MYSQL_OPT_SSL_MODE 
  option. The only permitted option value is SSL_MODE_REQUIRED, 
  to require a secure connection to the server. It causes 
  mysql_real_connect() to fail if an encrypted connection cannot be 
  obtained, without falling back to an unencrypted connection. 
  Thus, mysql_real_connect() returns an error if the server does not 
  support SSL or the client is not configured to use SSL. 
  The client/server exchange terminates immediately after the initial 
  server packet has been received if the server indicates that it does 
  not support SSL.

. To require an encrypted connection in MySQL 5.5, the standard MySQL 
  client programs call mysql_options() to set MYSQL_OPT_SSL_MODE if 
  the --ssl-mode=REQUIRED command-line option was specified. 
  Third-party applications that must be able to require encrypted 
  connections can use the same technique. For details, 
  see mysql_ssl_set().

. The minor C API version number was not incremented for this change. 
  Application programs compiled for MySQL 5.5 that require 
  MYSQL_OPT_SSL_MODE may fail to operate properly if the dynamic 
  loader provides an older client library without MYSQL_OPT_SSL_MODE. 
  Such applications must be written to handle this possibility by 
  checking whether the mysql_options() call succeeds or fails. 
  (Bug #25575605)

・Changes in MySQL 5.5.55 (2017-04-10, General availability) を参照してください

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