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20170601 tmux-2.5にupdateしました


CHANGES FROM 2.4 to 2.5 09 May 2017

* Reset updated flag when restarting #() command so that new output is 
  properly recognised. GitHub issue 922.

* Fix ECH with a background colour.

* Do not rely on the terminal not moving the cursor after DL or EL.

* Fix send-keys and send-prefix in copy-mode (so C-b C-b works). 
  GitHub issue 905.

* Set the current pane for rotate-window so it works in 
  command sequences.

* Add pane_mode format.

* Differentiate M-Up from Escape+Up when possible (that is, in 
  terminals with xterm(1) style function keys). GitHub issue 907.

* Add session_stack and window_stack_index formats.

* Some new control mode notifications and corresponding hooks:
  pane-mode-changed, window-pane-changed, client-session-changed,

* Format pane_search_string for last search term while in copy mode 
  (useful with command-prompt -I).

* Fix a problem with high CPU usage and multiple clients with #(). 
  GitHub issue 889.

* Fix UTF-8 combining characters in column 0.

* Fix reference counting so that panes are properly destroyed and 
  their processes killed.

* Clamp SU (CSI S) parameter to work around a bug in Konsole.

* Tweak line wrapping in full width panes to play more nicely with 
  terminal copy and paste.

* Fix when we emit SGR 0 in capture-pane -e.

* Do not change TERM until after config file parsing has finished, 
  so that commands run inside the config file can use it to make 
  decisions (typically about default-terminal).

* Make the initial client wait until config file parsing has finished 
  to avoid racing with commands.

* Fix core when if-shell fails.

* Only use ED to clear screen if the pane is at the bottom.

* Fix multibyte UTF-8 output.

* Code improvements around target (-t) resolution.

* Change how the default target (for commands without -t) is managed 
  across command sequences: now it is set up at the start and commands 
  are required to update it if needed. Fixes binding command sequences 
  to mouse keys.

* Make if-shell from the config file work correctly.

* Change to always check the root key table if no binding is found in 
  the current table (prefix table or copy-mode table or whatever). 
  This means that root key bindings will take effect even in copy mode,
  if not overridden by a copy mode key binding.

* Fix so that the history file works again.

* Run config file without a client rather than using the first client, 
  restores previous behaviour.

* If a #() command doesn't exit, continue to read from it and use its 
  last full line of output.

* Handle slow terminals and fast output better: when the amount of 
  data outstanding gets too large, discard output until it is drained 
  and we are able to do a full redraw. Prevents tmux sitting on 
  a huge buffer that the terminal will take forever to consume.

* Do not redraw a client unless we realistically think it can accept 
  the data - defer redraws until the client has nothing else waiting 
  to write.
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