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20170615 postfix-3.2.2にupdateしました


Fixed in all supported releases:

 Security: Berkeley DB versions 2 and later try to read settings from 
 a file DB_CONFIG in the current directory. This undocumented feature 
 may introduce undisclosed vulnerabilities resulting in privilege 
 escalation with Postfix set-gid programs (postdrop, postqueue) before 
 they chdir to the Postfix queue directory, and with the postmap and 
 postalias commands depending on whether the user's current directory 
 is writable by other users. This fix does not change Postfix behavior 
 for Berkeley DB versions < 3, but it does reduce postmap and 
 postalias 'create' performance with Berkeley DB versions 3.0 .. 4.6. 

Fixed in Postfix 3.2 and later:

 The SMTP server receive_override_options were not restored at the end 
 of an SMTP session, after the options were modified by an 
 smtpd_milter_maps setting of "DISABLE". Milter support remained 
 disabled for the life time of the smtpd process.

 After the Postfix 3.2 address/domain table lookup overhaul, 
 the check_sender_access and check_recipient_access features ignored 
 a non-default parent_domain_matches_subdomains setting.

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