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20090521 ntp-4.2.4p7,dovecot-1.1.15にupdateしました

  ntpのインストール (サーバ)
  ntpのインストール (クライアント) 4 Xen


・--enable-kernel-fll-bug configureオプションの追加

4.2.4p7 - 2009/05/18 - Stable

Security Updates:

* [Sec 1144] limited (two byte) buffer overflow in ntpq.
  CVE-2009-0159 Credit for finding this vulnerability goes to
  Geoff Keating of Apple.
 [Sec 1149] use SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE on Windows
  Credit for finding this issue goes to Dave Hart.
 [Sec 1151] Remote exploit if autokey is enabled.

Other Changes:

* Fix many compiler warnings* Many fixes and improvements for
 Windows* Adds support for AIX 6.1* Resolves some issues under
 MacOS X and Solaris* Improved logging

詳細は ntpサイトのRSS Complete ChangeLogを参照してください





The command pipelining fix is pretty interesting. Wonder how much it
improves performance, especially when deleting lots of messages from a
large mailbox.

v1.1.15 2009-05-17 Timo Sirainen

+ IMAP: When multiple commands are pipelined, try harder to combine
 their mailbox syncing together. For example with Maildir pipelining
 STORE 1:* +FLAGS \Deleted and EXPUNGE commands the files won't
 be unnecessarily rename()d before being unlink()ed.
- IMAP: SEARCH command was slower than necessary in a large mailbox.
- deliver: When forwarding messages, if -f parameter was given, it
 should have been used as the Return-Path.
- Maildir saving: Fixed race condition bugs in uidlist handling,
 causing files to be given new UIDs sometimes.
- mbox: Don't crash when expunging all messages and file doesn't end
 with [CR]LF.
- expire-tool: Use mail_uid and mail_gid settings if userdb doesn't
 return uid/gid.
- Berkeley DB dict: Transaction rollbacking was implemented wrong.
- zlib plugin: Some email / FETCH command combinations could have
 disconnected the client or sent compressed garbage.

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